Landy Attachments Skid Steer Trailer Receiver Mount Plate Hitch


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Product Overview

Use this Quick Tach mount plate to easily move trailers or other tow-able implements that use the 2" trailer hitch.



- Fits skid steers with the universal quick tach mounting system and tractors with the skid steer style quick tach
- 3,000 lbs capacity
- 4 Gussets for superior strength and integrity
- 2" trailer receiver hitch
- Oblong holes for tow chains
- Grade 50 structural steel
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- Outside width: 46"
- Inside width: 45"
- Height: 18.5"
- Top bar: 3/8" thick
- Plate: 1/4" thick
- Product size: 48*9.6*18.7in
- Product Weight: 86.7lb

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