LANDY manufactures and develops skid steer attachments and forklift attachment. The company has always strived to provide customers with efficient and robust implements of high quality. Through high standards of workmanship and material we supply implements with strength and durability to customers throughout the world.This site currently sells products mainly for the American market.

LANDY has a 12 years of experience in manufacturing accessories.We manufacture everything in-house which gives us total control of the process, we use extra high grade steel, we use robot welding for volume products as well as we have the opportunity to make products for special request. We have the experience, the knowledge and the will to supply the best possible product at a competitive price. Our advantages and service as following:
1) Professional technical team
2) Cost control & saving
3) Most efficient service
4) Advanced equipment & skilled workers
5) Security ensured We have served for many companies in different fields, such as: industrial, logistic, construction and agriculture, ect. Supplying high cost-effective development and production of machinery & accessories to specially meet their market need and distinguish from their competitors.

We know the importance of fast delivery and have a large inventory in our warehouse in the Moreno Valley, California.Please contact us if you wish to have more information.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Tel: 281-777-8406