Landy Attachments Skid Steer Hydraulic Breaking Hammer For Easy Aattachment and Release to Most Makes and Models, 2” Moil Point Chisel, 350 J Impact Energy, Universal Mount Plate


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Breaking concrete into manageable pieces, or breaking up bedrock is easy and safe since our jackhammers are perfectly sized to fit your skid steer. Enjoy reliable, trustworthy and powerful concrete breaking operations.



- Compatible with 30-70 HP skid steers with a universal mount for easy attachment and release to most makes and models
- Nitrogen-charged operation for superior break force efficiency
- Versatile industry applications in construction, cleanup, demolition, mining, oil and gas, logging, mining, tunneling and other quarry operations
- 350 J of impact energy delivered at a rapid 500-1000 BPM collision rate, perfect for light to medium sized projects
- Maximized power to weight ratio and nitrogen-charged operation provides superior break force efficiency and long-lasting work capacity
- Bottom tie rod bolted design offers easy maintenance and overall heavy-duty, 510 lb construction offers dependable, high-level performance
- ½” hydraulic hoses with flat face couplers included that have a working flow rate of 6.5-12 GPM and deliver hammer force pressure at 1300-1700 PSI
- Sleek, compact design that delivers tremendous output while minimizing vibration, noise, and wear on your skid steers


- Operating weight: 510 lb
- Working pressure: 1300-1700 PSI
- Working flow: 6.5-12 GPM
- Impact rate: 500-1000 BPM
- Impact energy: 350 J
- Chisel diameter: 2”
- Pipe diameter: 75mm
- Hydraulic hose diameter: ½”
- Flat face couplers: ½”

Technical Drawing:


Inner Width 48“ Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach:

ATTENTION: Please check the Mount Plate can fit your loader before purchase!
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