Landy Attachments Wheel saw for Skid Steer Attachment Quick Attach


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Product Overview

The Wheel Saw can cut through variety of surfaces, such as asphalt, concrete, frozen ground and wire mesh. These rugged attachments are used for road repair and for laying water, gas, electric and fiber-optic cables. The trench cleaner, which is raised and lowered hydraulically, assures a clean trench. The wheel saws provide a more precise cut than air or hydraulic hammers and are easier to transport than dedicated machines.



- Cemented carbide bit
- Hydraulic depth control
- Side-cutting tooth
- Foot stool
- Trench cleaner
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- Width: 68.5"
- Cutting Width: 3.9in
- Cutiing Depth: 17.7in
- Product Weight: 1675.8lbs

Technical Drawing:

Inner Width 48“ Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach:

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