Landy Attachments Vertical Breaking Hammer Style Post Driver-The Pile Driver


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Meet the Quick Attach pile driver. Our breaker style post driver pounds posts quickly and easily making easy work of your projects. Easily drives posts any ground conditions and is very simple to operate with a clear line of sight.

Add the power of Shear Force hydraulic post pounders for skid steers and excavators to your equipment fleet. ShearForce Post King post drivers work harder to make your fence installation and replacement projects a breeze. Drive straight and true fence posts every time. ShearForce post drivers accept wood, pipe, and T-posts, making it useful to many industries in Canada including agriculture, farms, and ranching, orchards, vineyards, utility installation, and much more. The frame and back plate are constructed from heavy steel plate for durability. This rugged, easy-to-operate post pounder universally attaches to most skid loaders or excavators.



- Pipe diameter: 68mm

- Install your fences FAST! Drive straight and true fence posts every time.

- Works for installing wood, pipe, or T-posts.

- Great for agriculture, ranching, vineyards, and utility installation.

- Cupped driving head ensures centered and balanced driving.

- Low profile for improved visibility.

- Very low maintenance, only one grease fitting, and two moving parts.

- Unique design allows for driving posts in tight quarters and maximizes reach.


Product Size: 1218*789*1074mm / 47.5*30.8*41.9in

Product Weight: 411.58kg / 905.48lb

Technical Drawing:


Inner Width 48“ Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach:

ATTENTION: Please check the Mount Plate can fit your loader before purchase!

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