Landy Attachments Skid Steer Mini Track Loader Rock Bucket, Fit Mini Skid Steer Loader


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The Mini Rock Bucket is used for fast clean-up, ground levelling, sifting out debris & rocks, and gathering material away from buildings and obstructions. This bucket will help to sift, sort, clean out unwanted material and leave good soil or material behind.



- Multi Fit - Dingo - Kanga - Toro - Viking - Vermeer Mini Loader.
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Product Size: 43.9*22*13.9in

Product Weight: 157.54lb

Technical Drawing:

Inner Width 23.4" Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach:

ATTENTION: Please check the Mount Plate can fit your loader before purchase!

Due to the buyer's failure to verify the size of the mount plate before purchasing, the product cannot match the loader and needs to be replaced. Our company does not accept returns unless the buyer compensates the seller for the round-trip shipping cost. For refunds, we will not refund product fees unless we receive the product in our warehouse and confirm that it can be resold.

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