Landy Attachments Skid Steer Hydraulic Salt Spreader Attachment for Tractor Front Loader SPR350


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Product Overview

The SPR-350 salt spreaders are hydraulically operated and self-loading, which are well-suited for spreading coarse sand, and coarse sand mixed with salt, fine gravel, crushed granite, etc.



- The hydraulic-driven agitator with slanted vanes ensures the material does not form a bridge in the machine.
- The self-loading models are delivered a s single version where roller and agitator are galvanised. This means the machines have a very corrosive-resistant surface for extended product life. The body can be galvanised or painted for option.
- The powerful 250 cc hydraulic motor is well-protected in the rear of the machine and drives both the agitator and the roller via a reinforced 5/8'' drive chain and hardened gear wheel.
- The powerful steel hydraulic flow control valve ensures optimal machine operation and easy rotor speed adjustment to deliver the required material volume.
- The stone release mechanism prevents large stones from being trapped at the rotor. Four settings permit adjusting to the size of the material being used and enable rapid unloading.
- All self-loading spreaders are feature High Grade steel for the body, sturdy vertical wear rails and horizontal steel edges around the top.


Product size: 52.6*31.7*30in

Package size: 58.7*38.8*34.3in

Technical Drawing:

Inner Width 44.9“ Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach:

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