Landy Attachments Hydraulic Single Round or Square Bale Lifter/Handler SMS Brackets, Heavy Duty Bale Squeezer Bale Handler


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Product Overview 

The arms are operated hydraulically, with the rollers rolling under the bale. The steel tubes roll under the bale without damaging it when it is being handled. The generous length and diameter of the tubes distribute the pressure evenly over the bale preventing damage to the plastic wrapping when being handled. The steel tubes are quickly and easily removed when transporting straw or hay bales.

The Bale Handler is an extra duty handler which is supplied Euro 8 brackets. It uses heavy duty tines with rotating rollers to reduce bale damage and is supplied with pipes, fittings and pins.

This bale spike/handler is suitable for handling both wrapped and unwrapped bales. Suitable for either round or square bales.



- Range of Stretching arm: 455-1800mm
- 89mm diameter wide rollers feature 2 grease points to ensure free rotation.
- Maximum diameter: 1500mm conus 2 SHW forged tines.
- Plain back to allow for weld on brackets or bolt on brackets.
- SWL:1000KG
- All price include shipping


Product weight: 490.27LB
Product size: 60.14*51.48*36.31IN

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