Landy Attachments Forklift Long Mobile Crane Lifting Hoist Jib Boom 9900lb Capacity


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This 9900lb long jib is a general purpose jib which is great for reaching across pits and areas where the forklift cant drive up to as it has a 137.8'' reach when fully extended.Overall length when closed is 78''. 



- Double fork design
- Painting plated finish
- 9900 lbs at first position to 440 lbs fully extended
- Fits most pallet forks
- All price include shipping


- Safe Working Load: 9900lb
- Weight: 320lb
- Load Centre: 34.2in
- Fork Slots: 7.2x2.5in
- Pocket Centres: 11.4in
- Horizontal Centre of Gravity: 50in
- Vertical Centre of Gravity: 5in

- Package Size (LxWxH): 81 x 22.8 x 15in
- Package Weight: 366lb

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