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Forklift Jib and hook attachments can easily turn your forklift in to a multi purpose lifting machine, they are simple to use whilst also being a cost effective solution. In this blog post I would like to share with you all the features and benefits of these Jibs and the great benefits you can get from using them. It is advantageous to make use of your forklift trucks while maximising their potential, you can achieve this by using forklift Jib attachments.



Adjustable Jib Boom: The heavy-duty forklift boom attachment has great durability and makes lifting heavy loads easy!
Double-fork Design: This forklift lifting hoist is specifically designed for skid steers and forklifts. With a double-fork design, it fits most pallet forks, making it easy to convert your equipment into a mobile crane. 
Strong Sturdy Material: Our implements and parts are made of high-quality material to give you the best service possible. This crane attachment is no exception! It’s made from heavy-duty steel, making it a durable piece of hardware. It could handle professional construction and industrial jobs with ease.
Easy to Install: Converting your forklift into a crane is incredibly easy. Simply slide the hoisting hook over your pallet forks through the fork pockets. Then, clamp them down with the thumbscrews. This ensures greater stability and safety. Finally, attach the hook to your payload. Your skid steer is now ready to lift those heavy loads.
Wide Application: These forklift crane attachment widely used in Industrial for transporting or lifting at Factories, Mines, Installing Machinery, Workshops, Facilities, Automotive, Ship Building Wharves/Docks, Warehouses, Garages & Construction Sites.


- Product Size: 83.93*20.36*25.19in
- Product Weight: 412.79lb
- Package Size (LxWxH): 86.03*23.63*31.4in
- Package Weight: 481.43lb

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