Landy Attachments 44” Small Skid Steer Skeleton Grapple Attachment, 24” Arm Opening, 2000 lb Weight Capacity


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Product Overview:

The Small Skid Steer Skeleton Grapple Attachment features a hydraulic cylinder arm that can produce a grappling capacity of up to 2000 lb. A versatile attachment for your skid that can be used for a variety of applications including brush/log pick up, recycling, scrap metal sorting and any sort of moving chore around your acreage, farm or job site.

Open end design allows you to grab varying lengths of logs, brush, scrap and debris. One hydraulic cylinder grapple arm is housed in a protective guard to keep it free from dirt blockages and damaging impacts from falling objects while working.

42” of working width and a 24” arm opening offer diverse grappling capabilities on your farm, commercial property or worksite. The skeleton tine bottom design makes it easy for loose debris to sift through so you can efficiently manage the cleanup and transport of bulkier material. This attachment is built to last with greaseable pins and bushings for easy routine maintenance and comes with included flat-face couplers and hydraulic hoses.



- Grapple capacity up to 2000 lb to handle jobs in demolition, recycling, scrap yards, forestry, agriculture and more

- 42” of working width and open end design allows you to work with varying sizes of logs, brush and awkward debris

- One hydraulic cylinder grapple arm operates under 3000 PSI of pressure and has a protective guard to prevent damage and dirt buildup

- Greaseable pins and bushings for simple routine maintenance that ensures this attachment’s long lasting lifespan and dependability

- Skeleton tine bottom for debris sifting of loose material so you can focus on moving the bulkier, more cumbersome items

- Included hydraulic hoses and flat-face couplers for simple hookup and efficient energy transfer between the grappler and mini skid

- Toro style mount for easy hookup to your mini skid, turning it into a multi-use, versatile jobsite asset that is strong and reliable


Product Weight: 198.2kg / 436.04 lb

Product Size: 1112*929*648mm / 43.37*36.23*25.27in

Technical Drawing:

    Inner Width 35.5" Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach:

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