Landy Attachments 3 Point 2" Receiver Trailer Hitch Drawbar Adapter Category One Tractor


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The Trailer Hitch Attachment for Category 1, 3-Point tractors is compatible with many standard 2-inch trailer hitches. This tractor-trailer ball hitch drawbar has a sturdy triangular design for maximum stability and is powder-coated black on durable steel for a longer-lasting finish. The hitch has a unique bottom pin design, making it easier to use with small and large tractors to get any job done. Since it is relatively lightweight, this hitch receiver drawbar is quick and easy to attach to any trailer behind a tractor, making it convenient for working.



- Standard 2-inch trailer receiver
- Includes: Category 1 lift pins (7/8-inch diameter)
- Includes: Bottom pin design


- Overall Width: 26.8in (pin to pin)
- Base Width: 20.8in
- Overall Height: 21.6in
- Finish: Powder-Coated Black
- Material: 2-in x 2-in Steel
- Product Weight: 33.6 lb

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