Hitch Receiver Mounted Ripper V2 Used with Category 0 and 1, 3 Point Hitch Adapters


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Product Overview:

Quickly attach the Hitch Ripper to a 2" Hitch and use this attachment to condition soil, trench, and all other subsoil tasks.

The Hitch Mounted Ripper is constructed to break through hard, low ground for deep soil conditioning and installing wire or water lines. The Ripper features four levels for different operating depths and is equipped with a shear bolt to protect the hitch and shank. The reversible carbon steel shank allows you to cut through tough compacted land, break up hard and dry soils, breakthrough mud layers, or lay irrigation pipes. Built to attach with most ATV/UTVs with a 2" receiver hitch, this single tine ripper is recommended to be used with Category 0 and 1, 3 Point hitch adapters.



- Recommended for use with CAT 0 and CAT 1 tractors
- Compatible with 2" receiver hitches
- Perfect attachment for soil conditioning, trenching, and all other sub-soil tasks
- 3" of steel past pin hole to fill receiver tube
- Four adjustable hole settings for different operating depths
- Shear bolts on the shank protect your hitch, shank, and machine


Product Weight: 9.38kg

Product Size: 430*50*300mm

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