Landy Attachments 48'' x 45'' 2 Person Forklift Safety Lift Platform Cage


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Product Overview

The safety lift platform cage from LANDY is designed for use with any standard forklift or pallet loader. It is designed with fork sleeves on the bottom of the platform. These sleeves run 45” along the length of the cage and lock in place with pins for maximum security and stability. Supplied with 2 locking pins and bars which lock the cage onto the forklift tines when in use. Supplied as flatpack for easy storage and transport however can be ordered with assembly



- Mesh safety screen
- Toe boards all sides with skid resistant floor plate
- Inward opening, self closing door
- Internal handrail with safety loops to hook safety harness
- Zinc plated finish, optional tool tray available
- All price include shipping


- Safe Working Load: 550lb
- Load Centre: 23.6in
- Unit Weight: 242lb
- Fork Pocket Size: 6.3 x 2.3in
- Fork Pocket Centres: 25in

- Flatpack: 48 x 45.4 x 6.5 in

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